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Gumo is fun, and being a boy, he is a little more free-spirited than his sister. Because he is so care-free, he’s awfully forgetful.

Other things about him are that he is pretty oblivious to romance (Or, well. Pretty oblivious to life in general.) He isn’t the kind of character to seek it out, or even have it in mind. His only -love- concern is his flower-speckled, white tricycle that he fawns over like a middle-aged man with a sports car.

Gumo is very talkative and unreliable. When confronted with a juicy secret, he’d probably blab it to everyone he knew as soon as he knew it, just for the lulz. He’s a pretty simple guy, breezy and looking for a good time.

An interesting quirk of his is that he’s highly superstitious of the supernatural; such as, ghosts, weather demons, witches, curses, and evil spirits who haunt inanimate objects and plan to ruin his life. He constantly blames things that go wrong in his life on these things, instead of himself.

Gumo's Library

Our 16bit Wars
My journal title sucked. I tried to tie it together with that song.. Oh well!

Anyways, all I really wanted to put in here was that I'm frickin' stoked for Christmas. Me and Trikey plan to hit the streets and, uh, you know. Look at the.. christmas lights.

And I'm not tellin' anybody, 'cause I know they'll just make fun of me for it. It's not like I'm some little kid, but the Christmas lights are pretty, you know?!  --Oh, and I already have my present for Kaiko. She's the only one I really wanted to get something for this year. Mostly, anyways. 'Cause she's so sweet, haha... Probably because of all that icecream. <3 [Man, I really just drew a heart in my man journal. 8( ]

OH. New Years Plans are to go out drinkin'! Heck yeeeah. I'm not technically legal, but no one's gonna stop me anyways, so heck yeeeeah.

...Well, that's it for now. I'm going to put this thing away and give Trikey a scrub down, then deck him out for the holidays.

'Tis the Season!!


P.S. Crap, I forgot to mention this, but I think I'm going to get down to the mall and volunteer to be Santa for the little kids, or whatever? That thing they always do on, like, christmas eve? I hope they have a wig so they can hide my green hair...
  • Listening to: Baby it's Cold Outside - Dean Martin
  • Reading: Nuthin'.
  • Watching: House MD, 'cause it's the only thing on.
  • Playing: Music.
  • Eating: Nuthin'.
  • Drinking: Hot coco.


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Athenathequeena Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2011
I loooove him so much
DaisyGumix3 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011  Professional Writer
Gumo! Where are you when I need you TT.TT

~Sis Gumi
MegpiodMiMi Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011
Big brother!
KikuHonda64 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ah! hi, there. im a big fan of yours! I listen to gumi alot, thats when i discovered gumo, and i loved the voice quality!
sonic0htf0fanficgirl Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2010
Делаете вы любите попытать людей и fuck с их разумами? Я делаю. Также, точно сколько языки вы говорите? Я могу поговорить русского довольно наилучшим образом но я также бегл в английском и я знаю немного грека. Проклятье вы высокорослы! Но то могло как раз быть моей перспективой потому что я в только 4 ноги 11. Я говорю много? Я думаю что я говорю много но я не могу помочь ему потому что я годовалый ADHD 15 который слишком любознательон для ее собственное хорошего. Вы имеете тенденцию поговорить много? Кажется, что имеет ваш загиб рода, GUMI ту проблему. Я интересую сколько яичка я могу сбалансировать на моем носе… я огорченн. Я имею тенденцию отстать с темы. Чего я говорил о снова…?

Sumirene-Austipoid Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2009
:bulletred: Here's a carrot for ya. *offers carrot from today's breakfast*
Vocaloid-GUMO Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2009
-takes it, grinning stupidly- Thanks.

Uh. I'm Gumo. Who're you, stranger? Haha.
Sumirene-Austipoid Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2009
:bulletpurple: My name is Austipoid, the leader/manager of this account (hence why it has my name), and these are my friends.
:bulletorange: I'm Phineas, and the one with the visor is my brother. Say hello, Ferb!
:bulletgreen: .....
:bulletpurple: And the one with the aviator goggles is our newest addition, Mark.
:bulletred: *shakes Gumo's hand* How ya doin'?

((The bullets are meant to represent which one of them is speaking, BTW.))
curepine123 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2009  Student Digital Artist
(zooms in) TRICYCLE RIDER PINE REPORTING FOR DUTY!!! (winks) My scarf has a carrot on it. Wanna peek?
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